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"Dewey Defeats Truman" | 227 comments | Create New Account
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Samsung 's Motion to Strike Apple's "Purported Recommendation" for Sanctions, as text ~pj
Authored by: Anonymous on Friday, August 03 2012 @ 05:40 AM EDT

Naa, do it properly and make it EBCDIC.

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As Apple’s products evolved, so did a strategy to protect them
Authored by: Anonymous on Friday, August 03 2012 @ 08:43 AM EDT
As Apple’s products evolved, so did a strategy to protect them

I think it may formally have evolved, the contents looks quite the same for many decades. Or what is the big difference between a "look and feel" and a design patent claim?

I think one could argue Apple is already for a long time involved in blocking competition with legal claims about patents and copyright and was itself victim of it's policy. They where busy eliminating competition in the 1980's and 1990's, for instance against Digital Research's GEM and others, but failed to do so against Microsoft. They essentially lost and Microsoft had of course other "techniques" to create a monopoly. Apple could not cope with them. It's market share became close to irrelevant.

But would Microsoft have had it that easy if the other competition would have had the opportunity to grow and not have been hampered by treats and lawsuits from Apple? And would this way of fighting competition not have become that popular?

I for example saw a great OS on my ATARI ST in the mid 1980's, using the GEM OS from Digital Research, but that OS hardly improved for many years. Only until MINT, an externally developed free software, inspired on Unix, became the official Atari OS some 10 years later, one saw real improvement. But already to late to safe the line of products.

Of course this is a question, but image the damage done by Apple if the answer would be yes.

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Microsoft Dumps Metro from Windows 8
Authored by: Gringo_ on Friday, August 03 2012 @ 10:16 AM EDT

No - not the UI, the name of the UI. Deep speculation is that somebody already owned the trade mark "Metro", but Microsoft doesn't admit that. They just pretend that was only a code name, despite the fact that the Windows phone 7 has been marketed with that name for nearly a year now.

The comments are full of people with helpful suggestions as to a new name for the UI. My favourite: "PAIN 4 Windows 8".

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So Google - you like maps? Have a few extra $$, some pull with givernments?
Authored by: Anonymous on Friday, August 03 2012 @ 11:26 AM EDT
A $30,000 plan to digitize a 415-year-old Elizabethan globe for three-dimensional online viewing by British Columbians has been sunk by the Royal B.C. Museum, says Sam Bawlf, the former provincial heritage minister who organized the project.


Subject of the controversy is a globe made in 1597 by English mathematician Emery Molyneux.

It’s the only surviving copy of one made six years earlier for Queen Elizabeth I to commemorate Francis Drake’s epic journey to the west coast of North America almost 200 years before James Cook arrived.

Stephen Hume, The Vancouver Sun

Sam Bawlf is a pioneering independent historical researcher who has added tremendously to our knowledge of early west coast European explorers.

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Newspick: Corporate Overlords
Authored by: Anonymous on Friday, August 03 2012 @ 02:33 PM EDT
So megacorps get to strangle the local merchants and stall owners during 'their'
Nothing less than total control -in the guise of 'security'- will satisfy. (Hey,
maybe that should be spelled $ecurity...)

Too much money in the olympics has prostituted the sports.
The London Olympics 2012: Doping, match-rigging, and corporate control. Is it
worth it, England?
- And that's not counting corruption, social cleansing, and year-long debt for
the locals that normally gets associated with the 'honor' of staging the
corporate show)

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Unsafe Gun Safes Can Be Opened By A Three-Year-Old
Authored by: Anonymous on Friday, August 03 2012 @ 04:09 PM EDT
This story at Forbes is pretty disturbing, especially for anyone who owns guns and has one of those cheap gun safes to store them in.

If you own one of these cheap safes -- be aware that it is COMPLETELY insecure and unsafe! Read this article, so that what happened to the police officer (whose young child opened the safe and then died of a gunshot wound) does not happen to your family too.

The manufacturers won't admit they are unsafe, retailers won't stop stocking them, police departments won't stop issuing them to their officers... and they can be opened by a three year-old who simply lifts them an inch or two and drops them.

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Product placement vs. IP
Authored by: jplatt39 on Friday, August 03 2012 @ 04:54 PM EDT
you can't make this stuff up. via Wired.

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"Dewey Defeats Truman"
Authored by: SpaceLifeForm on Friday, August 03 2012 @ 06:43 PM EDT
deo.html ]

Let's hope they are correct.

It's now 404.

Hopefully, it will work again in about 56 hours.


You are being MICROattacked, from various angles, in a SOFT manner.

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Effect on MegaUpload case?
Authored by: Anonymous on Friday, August 03 2012 @ 10:14 PM EDT

How does this decision: MPAA Suffers Legal Setback in Big Copyright Decision affect the MegaUpload case?

Seems to me the FBI's case of piracy is totally squashed.

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