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The Sneaky Lie Your Apple Devices Are Telling You | 119 comments | Create New Account
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Fugitive John McAfee flees Belize for Guatemala
Authored by: tiger99 on Thursday, December 06 2012 @ 06:28 AM EST

I recall that there have been a number of allegations of gangsterism etc in the past, but am not sure if they involved him or maybe an employee. Unfortunately, the latest news has taken over the first few pages at least that Google throws up, so it is hard to find much about previous events. Maybe someone can remember some details?

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Microsoft expands social network Socl
Authored by: tiger99 on Thursday, December 06 2012 @ 06:49 AM EST

When will they ever learn the first rule of marketing: TIMING IS ALL-IMPORTANT (or words to that effect)? The made teh same error with phones (notably the Kin, about 2000 sold out of a likely production batch of 100k or more), tablets, search (the fact that Bing is a VERY POOR substitute for Google did not help)....

Far too late into social networking to ever make it pay, so this will likely be yet another loss-maker. Long may they continue along those lines, which lead eventually to Chapter 7. The sooner, the better.....

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Authored by: Anonymous on Thursday, December 06 2012 @ 06:57 AM EST

There's a new Community website for creators called Hacker Union. Looks interesting.

Hacker Union Dot Org


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Apple's next target?
Authored by: cricketjeff on Thursday, December 06 2012 @ 07:05 AM EST
According to New Scientist's rarely unamusing Feedback column there is a new service available in Canada that's sure to excite Apple's lawyers. Fascinating faecal facts WHILE we're on the subject of faeces, Michael Holroyd sends us a scan of an advertisement he saw in The Equity newspaper in Shawville, Quebec, Canada. It's for a portable toilet rental service, and although it's not a new Apple product, it's called - get ready to groan here - "I-Pood".

There is nothing in life that doesn't look better after a good cup of tea.

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Christmas gift for someone you hate: Windows 8
Authored by: Anonymous on Thursday, December 06 2012 @ 10:59 AM EST
[Separate issue: Given how misguided the whole design of Windows 8 seems to be, why have tech journalists given it basically positive reviews? My theory is that journalists love anything new, different, and complicated. Windows 8 is all of those things.]

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Can Murder Be Tracked Like An Infectious Disease ?
Authored by: Anonymous on Thursday, December 06 2012 @ 02:30 PM EST
The researchers studied every homicide that occurred in the city of Newark, N.J., over a period of a quarter century, from January 1982 to September 2007. In all, Newark had seen 2,366 murders in that period, a rate of homicide some three times as high as that of the general U.S. population.

The researchers tracked down the time and location of every single murder. They plugged the data into a software program that has previously been used to track infectious diseases: When you put in the geographical location and the time of infection of each victim of the infectious disease, the program creates a model that shows how the epidemic is spreading and where it might go next.

Shankar Vedantam, NPR

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Apple, Foxconn, to assemble in USA
Authored by: Anonymous on Thursday, December 06 2012 @ 03:21 PM EST
The Guardian quotes Tim Cook from a NBC video where he promises to shift production of some Macs back to USA. Since last week's story on some new iMacs bearing the label Assembled in USA, 9-5 Mac claims to have traced two of these back to Fremont CA. Other sources relate that the D2 serial number prefix indicates the computers came from one of Apple's refurbishment facitilities, but they were sold as new. Bloomberg also reports that Foxconn is planning to expand its operations in the US as customers request more of their products be Made in U.S.A.

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The Sneaky Lie Your Apple Devices Are Telling You
Authored by: Anonymous on Thursday, December 06 2012 @ 03:41 PM EST

Been a rough day. Couldn't concentrate enough to write, so I went surfing for information. What do you know, even Cracked is useful sometimes!

The Sneaky Lie Your Apple Devices Are Telling You

Mind you I'm not complaining about Apple doing this. Heck, I've done stuff to hide load times too, and didn't do as good a job at it. I'm just amused.


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Do you love iPhone? Buy Samsung - picture
Authored by: Anonymous on Thursday, December 06 2012 @ 08:01 PM EST

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