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Oops, sorry. Forgot to start the "Trolls here" thread.. | 398 comments | Create New Account
Comments belong to whoever posts them. Please notify us of inappropriate comments.
Oops, sorry. Forgot to start the "Trolls here" thread..
Authored by: myNym on Monday, December 24 2012 @ 01:28 AM EST
So, might as well make this thread it then.

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PJ welcomes our Samsung Overlords
Authored by: PJ on Monday, December 24 2012 @ 01:42 AM EST
No. I am writing about the legal issues only.
That's my focus. Who should succeed in the
marketplace isn't what I'm writing about.

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PJ welcomes our Samsung Overlords
Authored by: Anonymous on Monday, December 24 2012 @ 03:28 AM EST
> What would Android become if it dominated and
> there was no iOS, blackberry, or windows phone 8?

It would be as it is now: An open source and fully customizable operating system
that each vendor can tweak to their hearts' content to provide completely
different user experiences, including separate application stores, while at the
same time allowing developers to deploy their applications across all mobile
devices that run Android.

Look at GNU/Linux: There's no user interface hegemony, there are multiple
competing UIs, or even competing file systems and directory layouts. In a world
with an open operating system as the base, there's only homogeneousness WRT low
level hardware abstraction layer -- The boring stuff that everyone needs and no
one wants to write. Yet even in this layer the open nature prevents true
monopoly, anyone can modify any layer and still take advantage of the rest.

I'm sorry. It's a different thing altogether. You're essentially comparing
having one company control all food distribution services (Apple / MS
proprietary monopoly) vs having everyone in control of their own food
distribution with a well tested example of how it should be done (Android).
IMO, I don't think removing customer choice is a good thing, fortunately a Linux
or Android monopoly would only increase customer choice...

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PJ welcomes our Samsung Overlords
Authored by: kuroshima on Monday, December 24 2012 @ 07:17 AM EST
I like Android. I don't like Samsung. Design-wise, they are
stale (TouchWiz makes me want to claw my eyes out, esternal
design is still shackled to physical buttons). Software-
wise, they suck (look at the latest Exinos kernel exploit
that leave the ram available for read and write for just
about anyone, just so the camera can access it directly).
Their customizations suck the battery life out of the
devices. Their hardware is top noch though, and they remain
the few that still offer decent horsepower with removable batteries and
expansion slots.

Let's look at the competition:
-HTC? First they screwed up with the Nexus 1 and the HTC
Desire (my previous phone) by having WAY too little internal
memory (You can solve that by rooting and adding an ext4
partition to the SD card, and telling the phone to mount it
as internal memory). Then the current generation has no
removable batteries, and no SD cards. Sense is much prettier
than TouchWiz, but I still prefer something closer to pure
Android, and the eye candy sucks the battery life anyway.
-Sony? My undying hate for Sony from the whole rootkit
fiasco, and the GeoHotz farce won't allow me to buy their
products. Also, they seem underpowered compared to the
competition in the same price range. Still, their design is
very good, and their customizations are subtle yet
-Motorolla? I must say that the Razr MAXX HD looks like a
winner, even if it doesn't have a replaceable battery, the
huge one it packs certainly looks promising. Design-wise,
they bring a lot of fresh air. The issue is that for non-US
customers, their support has always sucked, and now that
they've closed many of their international offices, it's
only going to get worse. Mind you, once they are completely
assimilated by Google, they may have some hope for us non-US
-LG? If they get their update system working (hint,
releasing a device with an obsolete OS, promising an update,
and failing to deliver after more than a year is NOT a way
to earn or keep customers), their QC and QA straightened up
(look at ) and their distribution channels untangled, I
would still not buy from them, as I had bad experiences with
other LG products (but that's bias on my side, if they fixed
that, they would be worth considering)
-Huawei and ZTE? If they manage to transition from
scrapdroids* to high end phones, then they should be taken
into serious consideration. They offer excellent value, but
their image has been hurt here by the fact that their good
products are sold under carrier brands (often Vodafone and
Orange), while their crap phones are only used by those that
can't afford decent ones. Mind you, in the scrapdroid market
segment, they rule over everyone, offering much better
experience than the Samsung Galaxy Ace and similar
scrapdroids. The ZTE tablets I have tried impressed me, they
are way above the scraplets you often see out there, and the
price was decent (for the pre-nexus 7 days, now the Nexus 7
has driven the prices to at least 50% of what they used to
be, offering excellent value at what used to be high end
craplet prices)
-Xiaomi, Oppo, and other Chinese manufacturers? If they
manage to leave the Chinese market, they could make things
difficult to the established players. They aren't on the
radar right now though, at least not in Europe.

*scrapdroid and scraplet: electronic gizmos that offer
substandard performance and user experience and so end up in
the scrap pile once the owner gets fed up on them, and/or
upgrades to decent stuff

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PJ welcomes our Samsung Overlords
Authored by: Anonymous on Monday, December 24 2012 @ 07:44 AM EST
No a world without competition give us Apple and IOS. That is expensive products
of low quality.

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Darn trolls can't even get it straight
Authored by: Anonymous on Monday, December 24 2012 @ 03:28 PM EST
Samsung != Android. And vice versa...

Samsung just happens to be the one going to bat for the rest.

Now get back under the bridge and enjoy your Apple "freedom".

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