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Comes 8234-->2000 email: WMP and AutoPlay | 98 comments | Create New Account
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Comes 8234-->2000 email: WMP and AutoPlay
Authored by: foulis on Tuesday, July 02 2013 @ 04:03 PM EDT
<b>From:</b> Chad Magendanz<br>
<b>Sent:</b> Tuesday, August 22, 2000 12:26 AM<br>
<b>To:</b> Autumn Neault; Chris Guzak; Scott Harrison; Todd Ouzts;
Piero Sierra; Debra L. Weissman; Richard Barrett; Stephanie St-Michel<br>
<b>Cc:</b> Kirt Debique; Kevin Larkin; Linda Averett; Geoff
<b>Subject:</b> Minutes: WMP and AutoPlay</p>
<b>Summary.</b> This meeting was an opportunity for the Shell team
to demo AutoPlay integration in Whistler and discuss open issues with the WMP
team. Overall, integration work for WMP should be small and the Shell team has
provided samples for code and setup.</p>
* We have a hack in place for WMP that passes files on the command line, but
this implementation is limited by the command line buffer size. We would prefer
that WMP take an object handle, which should be fairly simple and leverage code
already in place for drag &amp; drop handling.<br>
* Guz looked into the multi-select open scenario and it looks like new instances
of the player are handling control back to the first instance and just
"replacing" the target file rather than appending them into a list.
Consequently, the file that actually plays is the last file selected.<br>
* WMP needs to register as an AutoPlay handler for all devices. However, this
leads to the question of how WMP could register as a handler to devices that
might be connected after install. Apparently, apps can register has a handler
for a device class, which should handle this situation. Regardless, it may make
sense that if a new device shows up with the same class as a current device, we
should simply inherit the handlers of the original device.<br>
* One problem right now is that there's PnP class ID for audio players. We need
to start a thread with the PnP team to see if we can define a new class and
define what commands they would support. Obviously, we'd need to consider
support for legacy devices and would need evangelism support to push IHVs to
support the standard commands. (<b>Chad</b>)<br>
* The shell is currently creating a temporary ASX file to play music from the My
Music folder. Since 3rd-party players won't support this file format, we should
instead use M3U files. (<b>Todd</b>)<br>
* The WMDM (Windows Media Device Manager) APIs currently are currently only
supporting one name descriptor and one icon type (32x32) for FS devices, which
leads to poorly scaled icons and drive letter names being used inside WMP when
the shell has much richer custom icons and friendly names. We need to work to
refresh the SP (Service Provider) for this device type so that we can provide
richer information for the device in WMP. Dennis Flanagan has apparently picked
up WMDM issues and we need to ensure he's also in this loop.
* If Kevin and Dennis find it difficult to get someone to own updating the SPs
for FS devices, then Guz suggested that the Shell team might pick this
* WMDM doesn't give notifications when media is ejected or replaced, but Guz
suggested that they might look for the PnP events and refresh the list of
* From our usability testing, we've seen that some users will attempt to set
AutoPlay associations from within the player, looking for an option where they
might set the association like some set file associations. Geoff took this
feedback, but suggested that the solution would likely be a buried option that
would have discoverability problems and wasn't optimistic about it actually
implemented. (<b>Geoff</b>)<br>
* There was some discussion about what should happen if blank media is inserted.
For unformatted media, we should probably offer to format it. However, for blank
formatted media, it's difficult for us to determine what the most likely next
event would be, so we decided that we should simply open a folder.
* WMP will provide Stephanie with a list of file extensions WMP can handle that
aren't currently on our list. (<b>Geoff</b>)<br>
* We need to confirm that Vicky and the other hardware evangelists are pushing
device manufactures to register AutoPlay handlers in their INFs.
* Dev contacts in WMP for much of this work will likely be Gabriel DeBacker and
Kip Olson. Test contact is Caroline Jurgensen,</p>
Changes or corrections? Please let me know amd I'll consolidate them
----Original Appointment----<br>
<b>From:</b> Autumn Neault<br>
<b>Sent:</b> Wednesday, August 16, 2000 9:27 PM<br>
<b>To:</b> Autumn Neault; Chris Guzak; Scott Harrison; Todd Ouzts;
Chad Magendanz; Piero Sierra; Debra L. Weissman; Richard Barrett;</p>
Exhibit<br><u>8234</u></b><br>Comes V.
<p align=right>MS-CC-RN 000000301472<br>CONFIDENTIAL</p>
Stephanie St-Michel<br>
<b>Cc:</b> Kit Debique; Kevin Larkin; Linda Averett<br>
<b>Subject:</b> Updated: RESCHEDULE: WMP and AutoPlay<br>
<b>When:</b> Monday, August 21, 2000 4:00 PM-5:00PM (GMT-08:00)
Pacific Time (US &amp; Canada); Tijuana<br>
<b>Where:</b> Conf Room 9/2269 (10) AV<br>
<b>Importance:</b> High</p>
the WMP team needs to be spec complete by 8/23, so we need to move this mtg up
sooner. ScottHar, TOuzts and Piero will be out but Chad and Deb are available at
this time.<br>
we need to sync up on WMP deliverables for AutoPlay on Whistler.</p>
<p align=right>MS-CC-RN 000000301473<br>CONFIDENTIAL</p>

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