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Lists all stories from the last 12 months.

20-Aug-2013 Forced Exposure ~pj
15-Aug-2013 Apple v. Samsung I: Case Management Statement, Hearing Aug. 21 ~pj Updated
13-Aug-2013 Judge Robart Rules in MS v. Motorola: Seeking an Injunction on a FRAND Patent Can Be Perfectly Proper ~pj Updated - As text.
12-Aug-2013 First 104 pages of Aaron Swartz Secret Service File Released - Who is the female on page 97? ~pj
09-Aug-2013 Reports from the Apple v. Samsung Appeal Hearing ~pj - Updated 8Xs - Audio
09-Aug-2013 Motorola Presses Its Case v. Microsoft's FRAND Attack in Seattle and in Germany ~pj
07-Aug-2013 Apple, Motorola, ITC - Federal Circuit Remands - The Beat Goes On ~pj
06-Aug-2013 Apple's ITC Presidential Pardon v. The ITC's Opinion ~pj - Updated 2Xs
03-Aug-2013 Six Pro-Viacom Amicus Briefs Filed in the 2nd Appeal in Viacom v. YouTube - Yup. Hollywood Still Wants to Control the Internet
31-Jul-2013 Report from the Microsoft v. Motorola Hearing in Seattle ~pj Updated
30-Jul-2013 Abelson Report to MIT on Aaron Swartz Released ~pj Updated
29-Jul-2013 FSFE Writes Letter to EU Commission, Objecting to FairSearch's Claims Against Google of 'Predatory Pricing' ~pj Update
28-Jul-2013 Samsung Tells the Court: USPTO Final Office Action Finds All 21 Claims of Apple's '915 Patent Invalid ~pj Updated
27-Jul-2013 Viacom Files A Second Appeal in Viacom v. YouTube/Google - They'd Like a Trial and a Different Judge ~pj
25-Jul-2013 Google Files Reply Brief in the Oracle v. Google Appeal - There Is Too a De Minimis Defense and Oracle Knows It ~pj Updated
24-Jul-2013 FTC Announces The Final Google/Motorola Settlement - No Ban on Injunctions for FRAND patents ~pj Updated
23-Jul-2013 Apple Files Opposition to Samsung's Motion for a New Trial on '381 Patent ~pj
23-Jul-2013 IBM Files Motion for Partial Summary Judgment Based on Novell Agreement in SCO v. IBM ~ pj Updated
18-Jul-2013 What's Wrong With The Latest FairSearch Complaint to the EU Commision About Google? A Lot ~pj Updated 5Xs
17-Jul-2013 Apple v. Samsung Appeal - Oral Argument Aug. 9 - Can you go? ~pj
16-Jul-2013 Motorola Tells Seattle Judge Microsoft Sucker Punched Them Over RAND Patents, and It's "Reverse Hold-up" ~pj
15-Jul-2013 How Many Patents Must Be Read to Clear All Patents Rights on Software? ~ by PolR
13-Jul-2013 The Future of IP Software, with Carl Hewitt
11-Jul-2013 2nd Group of Professional Security Researchers File Amicus in Support of Auernheimer ~pj
11-Jul-2013 Illustrious Security Researchers file amicus brief telling court: We do what Andrew Auernheimer did. ~pj
09-Jul-2013 Samsung Asks For New Trial on Apple's '381 Patent - New Evidence Has Been Discovered ~pj - Updated 4Xs
08-Jul-2013 SCO's Response to IBM's Objections to SCO's Proposed Partial Judgment ~pj Updated
07-Jul-2013 My Excellent $199 Chromebook Adventure ~pj
06-Jul-2013 The Oracle Appellate Reply Brief - Correcting FOSSpatents. Yes. Again. ~ pj
05-Jul-2013 Oracle Responds to Google's Appeal Brief - "There Is No 'De Minimis' Defense" ~pj
04-Jul-2013 Microsoft and Motorola's Briefs on RAND and Fair Dealing ~pj
02-Jul-2013 Orin Kerr's Appeal Brief for Andrew "Weev" Auernheimer - Another CFAA Case~pj Updated
01-Jul-2013 An Oracle v. Google Trial Transcripts Page - Finally. ~pj
28-Jun-2013 IBM's Objections and Corrections to SCO's "Proposed Partial Judgment" ~pj
27-Jun-2013 Apple Loses Motion to Add Galaxy S4 to Apple v. Samsung II ~pj Updated
26-Jun-2013 Apple Tries to Get USTR to Undo the ITC's Injunction Against It - More FRAND Arguments ~pj
25-Jun-2013 SCO Finally Shows its Legal Strategy Going Forward ~pj
22-Jun-2013 Nathan Myhrvold Tries To Avoid a Lodsys Deposition and Spills Some Beans ~pj
19-Jun-2013 Intellectual Ventures Sues Motorola for Patent Infringement Again - One Patent Is For Linking URLs in an Email ~pj Updated 3Xs
19-Jun-2013 Novell's Motion for Audio of Hearing at 10th Circuit Ct. of Appeals Granted ~pj
18-Jun-2013 Google Files for Permission from FISA Court to Tell Us More ~pj
15-Jun-2013 Ladies and Gentlemen, SCO v. IBM Is Officially Reopened ~pj
13-Jun-2013 Naturally Occurring Human Genes Not Patentable - Myriad Loses - Our Genes Belong to Us ~pj Update 3Xs
11-Jun-2013 Microsoft's Amicus Brief in Support of Apple in Appeal of Posner Ruling - A Change in Tune on Injunctions ~pj
11-Jun-2013 SCO Replies to IBM on Motion for Reconsideration: Skip Briefing. Let's Go to Trial Quickly. We're Running Out of Money ~ pj
10-Jun-2013 EFF and ACLU Request FISA Court Unseal Its Opinions on Legality of Surveillance Conducted Under FISA Amendments, Patriot Act ~p
09-Jun-2013 Themes ~pj
06-Jun-2013 The President's Executive Action Addressing Overbroad Functional Claiming ~pj
04-Jun-2013 App Developers File Amicus Brief in Support of Google ~pj
04-Jun-2013 BREAKING: Why the Obama Administrationís Actions Against Patent Trolls Should Make a Difference ~ Matt Levy
03-Jun-2013 CCIA Files Amicus Brief in Support of Google in Oracle v. Google ~pj
03-Jun-2013 Amicus Brief of Intellectual Property Law Professors in Support of Google and Affirmance ~pj
01-Jun-2013 Microsoft Assigns Six Patents to Patent Troll Vringo -- Is This an Antitrust Issue? ~pj Updated
31-May-2013 Innovators, Entrepreneurs and Funds File Amicus in Support of Google in Oracle v. Google Appeal ~pj Updated
30-May-2013 EFF Files Amicus Brief in Oracle v. Google Appeal - Finally, Computer Scientists Speak ~pj Updated
29-May-2013 Software Freedom Law Center Says Google's Draft VP8 Cross License is Compatible With FOSS Licensing ~pj Updated
28-May-2013 Google Files Appeal Brief and Cross Appeal in Oracle v. Google ~pj Updated 3Xs
25-May-2013 IBM Responds to SCO's Motion Asking for Reconsideration ~pj
23-May-2013 Apple's Stupid Patents It Wants to Use Against Samsung's Galaxy S4 ~pj Updated 4Xs Prior Art?
21-May-2013 Microsoft v. Motorola, Part 2, Will Be a Jury Trial, Aug. 26 ~pj
20-May-2013 SIIA Tells the FTC What Patent Trolls Are Doing to the Software Industry ~pj
17-May-2013 Motorola Files Reply Brief in Appeal of Judge Posner's FRAND Decision in Apple v. Motorola-~pj
16-May-2013 Happy 10th Anniversary, Dear Groklaw! Happy 10th Anniversary to Us! ~pj
13-May-2013 Hackathon Trademarked in Germany? Now What? ~pj Updated 2Xs
10-May-2013 Federal Circuit, en banc, rules in CLS Bank ~pj Updated 3Xs
10-May-2013 Blackberry Tells the Federal Circuit Judge Posner Got It Wrong Re No Injunctions for FRAND Patents in Apple v. Motorola ~pj
09-May-2013 Google, Red Hat, HTC, SAP and Rackspace Seek to File Amicus in Apple v. Samsung Appeal ~ pj
08-May-2013 SCO: But waitaminnit, yer Honor ~pj
06-May-2013 The Novell v. Microsoft Hearing at the 10th Circuit - Eyewitness Report ~pj
06-May-2013 MS v. Motorola Appellate Jurisdiction - Another Appeal Issue ~pj
04-May-2013 Newegg Tells the FTC and DOJ How Patent Trolls Are Damaging Retailers ~pj Updated
03-May-2013 Let's Hear From the Trolls For a Change ~pj Updated
30-Apr-2013 Judge Koh's Order in Apple v Samsung: No Stay on Damages Retrial, Unless... ~pj
29-Apr-2013 The Microsoft v. Motorola Order on RAND, as text, plus Some Appeal Issues ~pj Updated 3Xs
26-Apr-2013 In a First, Seattle Judge Sets RAND Rate in MS v. Motorola ~pj Updated 2Xs
25-Apr-2013 SCO's Motion To Reopen the Case Is Denied with a Bonk on the Head ~pj Updated
24-Apr-2013 Barnes & Noble's Common Sense Suggestions to the FTC and DOJ on Patent Trolls ~pj
24-Apr-2013 Microsoft and Motorola Argue About Jury or Bench Trial on Contract Claims in Seattle ~pj Updated
23-Apr-2013 Joint Case Management Statement Filed in Apple v. Samsung ~pj
21-Apr-2013 Comments to USPTO on How to Improve Patent Applications: Red Hat's & Morrison & Foerster's ~pj
20-Apr-2013 Samsung Parries Apple's 7th Amendment Arguments ~pj
17-Apr-2013 Apple's Game Revealed in Apple v. Samsung Post-Trial Skirmishes ~pj
16-Apr-2013 For Those Who Like Things Open - Check Out OpenCourseware ~mw
16-Apr-2013 Google, Red Hat, et al. Ask FTC & DOJ to Investigate Antitrust Implications of Patent Outsourcing to Trolls ~pj
15-Apr-2013 Today is Human Genome Day at the US Supreme Court ~pj Updated 4Xs - transcript
12-Apr-2013 Samsung Granted Leave to Depose Toshiyuki Masui in Japan Re Prior Art ~pj Updated
11-Apr-2013 Apple and Samsung File the Extra Briefs the Judge Asked For ~pj Updated
10-Apr-2013 USPTO Roundtables on Software Patents: CA and NYC, video available
09-Apr-2013 Another Cynical "Antitrust" Complaint From Microsoft and Its Buddies Against Google ~pj Updated 4Xs
07-Apr-2013 Prior Art, Anyone? - The Parallel Iron/IPNav Patents That Rackspace Is Going After ~pj Updated 2Xs
03-Apr-2013 Judge Koh Decides Not to Decide Yet, and Apple Says USPTO's Final Office Action Isn't Really "Final" Final ~pj
02-Apr-2013 Apple's Claim 19 of '381 Patent Rejected by USPTO in Final Office Action: Impact on Apple v. Samsung Damages Can Be Huge ~pj
01-Apr-2013 Apple and Samsung Maneuver How to Handle 2nd Damages Trial - Now or After Appeal? ~pj
28-Mar-2013 Rackspace/Red Hat Hand Uniloc A Quick And Significant Defeat ~mw
27-Mar-2013 Audio of Oral Argument on Apple v. Samsung at March 26 Hearing on Public's Right to Know ~pj
26-Mar-2013 Believe it or not, SCO pops its head up again ~pj
24-Mar-2013 The Nokia Patents and VP8 - Prior Art Hunting Time ~pj Updated 2Xs
24-Mar-2013 Stallman Calls Ubuntu Spyware; Asks FLISOL Not to Recommend It at Events in South America ~pj
20-Mar-2013 Journalists Allowed to Argue at March 26 Hearing On Behalf of the Public's Right to Know in Apple, Samsung Appeal ~pj Update
19-Mar-2013 First Sale Doctrine Upheld by US Supreme Court ~pj
18-Mar-2013 Motorola Challenges Judge Posner's Implied "No Injunctions for FRAND" Ruling ~pj
17-Mar-2013 The House Hearing on Abusive Patent Litigation: Webster's Report ~pj Update
15-Mar-2013 Groklaw's Response to the USPTO's Request for Suggested Topics for Future Discussion & A Supplement ~pj
13-Mar-2013 ITC Extends Deadline, Asks for Briefs On Remedy & Public Interest Re Apple And Infringing Samsung FRAND Patents ~pj Update
13-Mar-2013 House Judiciary Hearing on Investigating and Prosecuting Cyber Threats: CFAA - ~pj Updated
12-Mar-2013 Microsoft v. Motorola, Seattle -- Microsoft Asks for a Bench Trial on Contract Issues ~pj
10-Mar-2013 Groklaw's Proposed Response to the USPTO's Request for Suggested Topics for Future Discussion - Care to Help? ~pj
08-Mar-2013 Apple v Samsung II - Parties File Joint Status Report: To Stay or Not to Stay ~pj Updated: Not
07-Mar-2013 The EU Commission's Fine on Microsoft - What's Wrong With It? ~pj Updated
05-Mar-2013 Qualcomm, WLF, Ericsson, and More Comments Opposing the FTC's Google/Motorola Agreement ~pj
04-Mar-2013 Novell v. Microsoft Appeal - Oral Argument Set for May 6 ~pj
04-Mar-2013 Microsoft and Motorola File Letter Briefs on Terms of Google's MPEG LA License ~pj
01-Mar-2013 Judge Koh Reduces Apple Damages Award; Orders New Trial on Damages re Certain Products in Apple v. Samsung ~pj Updated
01-Mar-2013 Amicus Briefs in Oracle v. Google and Microsoft's, as text ~pj
27-Feb-2013 Novell Files Its Reply Brief v. Microsoft in WordPerfect Appeal at 10th Circuit ~pj
26-Feb-2013 The CCIA and RIM Tell the FTC Banning Injunctions for FRAND Patents Can Make Smartphone Wars Worse~pj
25-Feb-2013 Report from the Apple v. Samsung II Markman Hearing - Judge Koh Tells Them to Slim the Case Down ~pj Updated
23-Feb-2013 Motorola Surprises Microsoft - The Germany-Seattle-FTC FRAND Saga Continues ~pj Updated 2Xs
22-Feb-2013 Google Files for Extension to May 23 to File Appellee Brief and Cross-Appellant Brief v. Oracle ~pj
22-Feb-2013 New Order From Seattle Judge in MS v. Motorola May Mean Good News for Motorola ~pj
21-Feb-2013 SCO Gets to Dispose or Abandon or Destroy its Property, including Business Records ~pj
20-Feb-2013 Microsoft, BSA, Scott McNealy, others file amicus briefs in support of Oracle's appeal against Google ~pj Updated 3Xs
20-Feb-2013 Transcript of Oral Argument in Bowman v. Monsanto: Where's Patent Exhaustion for Self-Replicating Patented Seeds?~pj Updated 2X
19-Feb-2013 Apple and Samsung Gave Judge Koh A Tech Tutorial in Feb. 14th Hearing in Apple v Samsung II ~pj
15-Feb-2013 The Python Foundation Asks For Help Re PYTHON Trademark in EU ~pj
15-Feb-2013 Judge Robart Reopens MS v. Motorola Nov. Trial for New Evidence From Motorola ~pj
13-Feb-2013 Apple Files Appeal Re Judge Koh's Refusal to Order Injunction v. Samsung ~pj Updated
13-Feb-2013 Oracle Files Appeal Brief in Oracle v. Google ~pj Updated 3Xs
12-Feb-2013 Novell v. Microsoft WordPerfect Appeal: Oral Argument Probably May 9th - David Boies for Novell ~pj
10-Feb-2013 The Eric Holder Memo on the "Reasoned Exercise of Prosecutorial Discretion" & the Swartz Affair ~pj
08-Feb-2013 Groklaw's Report from the CLS Bank v. Alice En Banc Hearing at the Federal Circuit ~pj Updated
07-Feb-2013 Judge Robart in Seattle Grants Microsoft's Motion for Partial Summary Judgment ~pj Updated
03-Feb-2013 The Newegg Victory over Soverain; and Newegg et al's Amicus Brief in Apple v. Motorola Appeal ~pj
03-Feb-2013 SCO Asks the Bankruptcy Court to Let It Destroy Its Business Records ~ pj Updated
01-Feb-2013 Apple v. Samsung: Magistrate Judge Paul Grewal References Tribbles in Order Re Sealing ~pj
01-Feb-2013 Federal Circuit Denies Apple's Request for Rehearing En Banc ~pj
31-Jan-2013 A Proposed Response to the USPTO's Topic 1 Question on Functional Language ~pj Updated
30-Jan-2013 Judge Koh Rules in Apple v. Samsung - No Willfulness, No Enhanced Damages for Apple but No New Trial Either ~pj
28-Jan-2013 Report from the Seattle Courtroom in Microsoft v. Motorola ~pj Updated
27-Jan-2013 MS v Motorola: The Parties File Their "Extrinsic Evidence" for Hearing on Monday in Seattle ~pj
26-Jan-2013 Microsoft Files Brief in Novell's WordPerfect Antitrust Appeal ~pj
24-Jan-2013 Magistrate Grewall Rules on Samsung's Request for Discovery: Ask Japan 1st, and If Necessary, Come Back ~pj Updated
23-Jan-2013 EU Commission VP Neelie Kroes on Aaron Swartz ~pj
22-Jan-2013 Hearing Today in CA on Samsung's Request for Discovery for Use in Japan ~pj Updated 2Xs
19-Jan-2013 The Apple v. Samsung II Appeal Briefs - Do Patents on Features That Don't Drive Sales Merit Injunctions? ~pj
16-Jan-2013 MIT's Role as Described in Aaron Swartz's October Motion to Suppress ~pj Updated 4 Xs
15-Jan-2013 Allen v. World - Claims Construction Decision Favors Defendants ~mw
14-Jan-2013 Apple appeals Judge Koh's Nov. 29th Order Re Sealing; Claims $399,196 a Day Supplemental Damages ~pj
09-Jan-2013 Microsoft Tells Its FRAND Story to the Court in Seattle ~pj
07-Jan-2013 Novell Board Must Go to Trial on Shareholder's Claim of Bad Faith Re 2011 Sale to Attachmate ~pj
05-Jan-2013 Motorola Tells Its FRAND Story to the Court in Seattle ~pj Updated
04-Jan-2013 The USPTO Would Like to Partner with the Software Community ... Wait. What? Really? ~pj
03-Jan-2013 In the aw, shucks department - Groklaw recognized again ~pj
03-Jan-2013 Judge Koh Slices and Dices the Evidence in Apple v Samsung ~pj
02-Jan-2013 Motorola and Microsoft Debate the Scope of Google's MPEG-LA License (Seattle) ~pj
30-Dec-2012 CLS Bank v. Alice - Some Amicus Briefs ~pj
27-Dec-2012 Apple v. Samsung Trial Transcript - Day 7, Aug. 13, 2012: Prior Art Day ~pj
23-Dec-2012 Apple v. Samsung Trial Transcript - Day 6, Aug.10 -- Apple Experts Day ~pj
20-Dec-2012 Apple Files Notice of Appeal to Federal Circuit Re Denial of Injunction Against Samsung ~pj
19-Dec-2012 Apple's Pinch to Zoom Patent Preliminarily Invalidated by USPTO ~pj
19-Dec-2012 Apple v Samsung Transcript - Aug. 7 Motion Hearing on Equal Adverse Inference Sanctions ~pj
18-Dec-2012 Judge Koh Rules - No Injunction for Apple; No New Trial on Jury Misconduct for Samsung ~ pj Updated 2Xs
17-Dec-2012 Apple v. Samsung Trial Transcripts - Day 4 and 5 (Aug 6 & 7, the Exhibit Tampering Issue) ~pj Updated
14-Dec-2012 Transcripts From Apple v Samsung Trial: Days 1-3, Including Full Voir Dire ~pj Updated
13-Dec-2012 Judge Koh Says No to Apple on Non-Jury Claims re FRAND ~pj
12-Dec-2012 Judge Koh Grants HTC's Redactions; Denies Samsung's Motion to File Supplement Expert Declaration~pj Updated
11-Dec-2012 Samba Team Releases Samba 4.0 - 1st Free Software Active Directory Compatible Server ~pj Update
08-Dec-2012 Apple and Samsung File The Lists and a New Dispute on an Expert Declaration ~pj
07-Dec-2012 Apple's Multi-touch Patent Found Preliminarily Invalid - Did Apple Sue Too Soon? ~pj
06-Dec-2012 First Report from the Apple v Samsung Hearing - Judge Koh Takes It Under Advisement ~pj Updated 2Xs
06-Dec-2012 The HTC-Apple Agreement Mostly Revealed ~pj Updated 2Xs
05-Dec-2012 Judge Koh Asks For Lists Proving Compliance with Order Re Attachments ~pj
04-Dec-2012 Judge Koh Rules: HTC-Apple Agreement Will Not Be Sealed, Exc. for Royalty Terms ~pj
02-Dec-2012 Apple's Nerves Show in Buildup to Dec. 6 Hearing ~pj Updated 2Xs
30-Nov-2012 Surprise Surprise... NOT. Seattle Judge Grants MS Motion, Bans Injunctions for Motorola's RAND Patents ~pj Updated
29-Nov-2012 What Does "Software Is Mathematics" Mean? Part 2: A Semiotics Approach to the Patent Eligibility of Software by PolR
27-Nov-2012 The Oracle v. Google Trial Transcripts Now Complete & Groklaw Honored ~pj
26-Nov-2012 Novell Files its Opening Appeal Brief in WordPerfect Antitrust Litigation v. Microsoft ~pj Updated
24-Nov-2012 A Report on the Santa Clara Conference on Software Patents by Tkilgore ~pj
22-Nov-2012 HTC-Apple Stipulation Filed with Del. Court Contradicts FOSSPatents on Terms of Agreement ~pj Updated
21-Nov-2012 Samsung Motion Prevails: Apple Must Provide Unredacted HTC-Apple Agreement ~pj Updated 2Xs
21-Nov-2012 Hearing Today at Noon in Apple v Samsung Re Motion to Compel Apple to Show HTC Agreement ~pj Updated
20-Nov-2012 Microsoft v. Motorola Trial in Seattle, Days 5 and 6 - Phase I of Trial Ends ~pj
19-Nov-2012 Apple v. Samsung Preparing for Dec. 6th Hearing - Can the Judge Throw Out the Jury's Damages? ~pj
17-Nov-2012 Microsoft v. Motorola Trial in Seattle, Day 4 - Motorola's Opening Statement ~pj Updated
17-Nov-2012 Apple and Google Discuss Possible Binding Arbitration of All, or Most, FRAND Claims ~pj
16-Nov-2012 Apple Can't Add Jelly Bean to Apple v. Samsung 2 Trial, only Galaxy Nexus ~pj
15-Nov-2012 Microsoft v. Motorola Trial in Seattle, Day 3 and Judge Crabb Explains Dismissal of Apple v. Motorola~pj
15-Nov-2012 Tomorrow's Conference "Solutions to the Software Patents Problem" Will be Live Streamed ~pj
14-Nov-2012 Microsoft v. Motorola Trial in Seattle, Day 2 ~pj
14-Nov-2012 Microsoft v. Motorola Trial in Seattle - Day 1 ~pj
13-Nov-2012 Samsung Replies to Apple's Defense of Jury Foreman's "Deliberate Dishonesty" ~pj
11-Nov-2012 Novell Asks the 10th Circuit to File Overlength Appeal vs. Microsoft - David Boies and Stuart Singer Are in the House ~pj Updat
09-Nov-2012 The UK Court Sanctions Apple, Hopes "Lack of Integrity" In Notice Incident Is Not "Typical" ~ pj
09-Nov-2012 Judge Koh Agrees to Hear Oral Argument Dec. 6 on Jury Misconduct and When Apple Learned of It ~pj Updated
08-Nov-2012 Microsoft and Motorola File Trial Briefs As Seattle Trial Draws Near~pj Updated: Text
06-Nov-2012 Apple Tries to Attack Android Jelly Bean Directly in ApplevSamsungII
06-Nov-2012 Apple Refuses to Answer Samsung's Q Re When It Learned About the Foreman's Seagate Litigation ~pj Updated
05-Nov-2012 Apple v. Motorola Dismissed with Prejudice - ~pj Updated 4Xs - 2nd Order: Partly With, Partly Without Prejudice
03-Nov-2012 Apple v. Motorola - FRAND Royalty Rate Trial in Wisconsin May Be Cancelled ~pj Updated 3Xs The Parties Respond
03-Nov-2012 Microsoft v. Motorola Trial - Everyone Involved Asks That the Public Be Excluded From the Heart of the Evidence ~ pj Updated
02-Nov-2012 Samsung Moves to Compel Apple to Reveal When It 1st Learned Jury Foreman Was "Untruthful" in Voir Dire ~pj
01-Nov-2012 UK Judges Respond to Apple's Snarky Notice: Take It Down and Tell That It Was Untrue ~pj Updated 5Xs
30-Oct-2012 Allen v. World - The Fight Over Claim Construction
29-Oct-2012 Joint Filing and Judge's Order Give Us Peek At What to Expect at MS v. Motorola Nov. 13 RAND Trial in Seattle ~pj
26-Oct-2012 Apple's "We're Not A Bit Sorry" Bratty and Not Cool Notice That Samsung Didn't Copy ~pj Updated 3Xs
24-Oct-2012 The Samsung Patent Victory over Apple in the Netherlands - the Ruling ~pj Updated (ITC)
24-Oct-2012 Samsung Has Workarounds for All 3 "Infringed" Apple Patents; and Some Testimony on the '381 Patent ~pj
23-Oct-2012 Apple's Rubber Band Patent Tentatively Rejected on Reexamination ~pj Updated
22-Oct-2012 Apple's Licensing Offer To Samsung Raises Questions About FRAND Rates and What's Behind the Attacks on Google ~pj
20-Oct-2012 Apple v Samsung - The Post-Trial Battles Intensify ~pj Updated - How Both Sides View Foreman's Voir Dire
18-Oct-2012 Prior Art Alert - Apple Publ. Appl. 20120166477 ~mw - UPDATE
17-Oct-2012 Twin Peaks v Red Hat - Twin Peaks Answers Red Hat Counterclaims ~mw
16-Oct-2012 The Mysterious Disappearance Of Functionality Considerations From The Apple v. Samsung Design Patent Claim Construction ...
16-Oct-2012 Judge Koh Denies Samsung Motion to Strike ~pj Updated
13-Oct-2012 What Does "Software Is Mathematics" Mean? Part 1 - Software Is Manipulation of Symbols ~ by PolR
11-Oct-2012 Appeals Court Rules Samsung Can Sell Galaxy Nexus During Appeal; District Ct. "Abused Its Discretion" ~ pj
11-Oct-2012 Judge Robart Denies Motorola's SJ Motion with Some Logic Problems Showing ~pj Updated, as text
10-Oct-2012 ITC Administrative Law Judge Rejects Apple's FRAND Arguments Against Samsung ~pj Updated
09-Oct-2012 Federal Circuit to Consider the Patentable Subject Matter of Software ~ mw
07-Oct-2012 Apple v. Samsung - More Unredacted Documents Surface Re Foreman, "Proof" of "Copying" That Isn't ~pj Up
05-Oct-2012 Oracle and Google File Appeals ~pj
04-Oct-2012 Novell hires David Boies and Stuart Singer in Appeal of Wordperfect Case v. Microsoft ~pj
02-Oct-2012 Samsung's Claims of Juror Misconduct Revealed in Unredacted Filings ~pj Updated 2Xs
02-Oct-2012 Judge Koh Dissolves Preliminary Injunction on Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1; Apple May Owe Samsung ~pj
30-Sep-2012 Microsoft v. Motorola - The 9th Circuit Ct. of Appeals Ruling, as Text ~pj Updated
30-Sep-2012 Apple v Samsung - What's New? Plus All The Preliminary Injunction Arguments (and I Do Mean All) ~pj Updated
28-Sep-2012 Samsung Wins Reconsideration of Preliminary Injunction; Appeals Ct. Gives Judge Koh Authority to Rule ~pj Updated
28-Sep-2012 Oracle v. Google Trial Transcript - Day Three, April 18, 2012, Larry Page on the Stand ~pj
26-Sep-2012 Apple Files Motion for JMOL, New Trial; Opposes Samsung's Do-Not-Contact-Jury Request ~pj
26-Sep-2012 SCO Files Final Chapter 11 Report in Bankruptcy, Files August MORs; Now It's Onward and Downward in Chapter 7 ~pj
25-Sep-2012 USPTO Third Party Prior Art Submissions System - Now Live! ~mw
24-Sep-2012 Apple v. Samsung Voir Dire Reveals Broken Promises (Docket 1979-1993) ~pj
22-Sep-2012 Samsung Asks for JMOL, or New Trial and Remittitur - Says Apple v. Samsung Trial Was Not Fair; Jury Messed Up ~pj
20-Sep-2012 Samsung Asks Federal Circuit For Limited Remand so Judge Koh Can Dissolve Preliminary Injunction of Galaxy 10.1 ~pj
19-Sep-2012 Judge Koh Unseals More Documents in Apple v. Samsung ~pj
18-Sep-2012 Lifting of Preliminary Injunction Against Samsung Delayed ~mw
17-Sep-2012 The Microsoft Standards-Essential Patents Shell Game -- Motorola Tells Its Story to the 9th Circuit Ct. of Appeals ~pj Updated
15-Sep-2012 CLS Bank v. Alice -- Google and Red Hat, Other Amici, Say Federal Circuit is Flouting US Supreme Court Precedent ~pj
14-Sep-2012 Twin Peaks v Red Hat - Look Both Ways Before Crossing ~mw
14-Sep-2012 Wayne Gray Ordered to Pay X/Open $404,820 in attorneys' fees and $5,016.82 in costs - Updated Sept. 2013
13-Sep-2012 Apple Wins in Part in Apple v Samsung - Non-Jury Issues to be Briefed Separately and More on the FRAND Game~pj
12-Sep-2012 Apple v. Samsung Verdict Lacks Sufficient Detail To Support Enhancing More Than 6.4% Of Monetary Award For Willful Infringement
11-Sep-2012 Apple -- surprise, surprise -- Wants to Keep the Preliminary Injunction v. Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Place ~pj
10-Sep-2012 Apple and Samsung Argue About Apple's "Non-Jury Issues" ~pj
09-Sep-2012 Oracle v. Google Trial Transcript - Day 2, April 17, 2012 - Google's Opening Statement, Ellison on the Stand ~pj
08-Sep-2012 Judge in Oracle v. Google Explains What Jurors Must Not Do -- And It's What the Jury in Apple v. Samsung Seem to Have Done ~pj
06-Sep-2012 Judge Koh Denies Apple Request to File Motion for Reconsideration so Samsung Goes 1st; Parties Agree to Delay Enforcement ~pj
06-Sep-2012 We Have the Oracle v. Google Trial Transcripts! Here's Day 1, April 16, 2012, Jury Selection, Oracle Opening ~pj Updated 4Xs,
04-Sep-2012 Oracle Must Pay Google $1,130,350 in Costs; Drops the "Reveal Your Shills" Issue ~pj
04-Sep-2012 Apple v Samsung Foreman Gets More Things Wrong ~pj
04-Sep-2012 Allen v. World - Interval Moves to Incorporate Mountain Lion ~MW
03-Sep-2012 Groklaw Back on Twitter ~ pj
02-Sep-2012 The Next Step in Apple's Thermonuclear War Against Android: Galaxy Nexus in Apple v. Samsung II ~pj
31-Aug-2012 Apple and Samsung Fight About Apple's Desire to File a Motion for Reconsideration Re Scheduling Hearing Dates ~pj
29-Aug-2012 SCO Group (TSG) Now Officially in Chapter 7, with Cahn Still at the Helm ~pj
29-Aug-2012 The Foreman's Aha Moment in Apple v. Samsung Was Based on Misunderstanding Prior Art ~pj - Updated
28-Aug-2012 Samsung Files Motion to Stay Judgment & Why This Case Matters ~pj
27-Aug-2012 Samsung Moves to Quickly Lift Preliminary Injunction on Galaxy 10.1 ~pj
25-Aug-2012 Jury in Apple v. Samsung Goofed, Damages Reduced -- Uh Oh. What's Wrong With this Picture? ~pj Updated 5Xs
24-Aug-2012 Google Files Supplemental List of People It Didn't Pay to Comment on Oracle v. Google ~pj
24-Aug-2012 There's a Verdict in Apple v. Samsung ~pj - Yes, Samsung Infringes - Damages $1,049,343,540 - Updated 4Xs
23-Aug-2012 Jurors in Apple v. Samsung Opt to Work an Extra Hour ~pj Updated 3Xs
22-Aug-2012 More on Adverse Inferences, and Fairness, or Lack Thereof, in Apple v. Samsung ~pj - Updated
21-Aug-2012 Closing Statements in Apple v Samsung - From the Courthouse ~pj Updated
21-Aug-2012 Jury Instructions in Apple v. Samsung, 109 pages ~pj - Updated
20-Aug-2012 There Will Be No Adverse Inference Jury Instructions in Apple v. Samsung After All ~pj
20-Aug-2012 Judge Asks Google to Supplement Its List of Any Paid Folks ~pj
20-Aug-2012 Motorola's ITC Complaint Against Apple, With All the Trimmings ~pj Updated

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