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Three things I know about Oracle v. Google | 380 comments | Create New Account
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Three things I know about Oracle v. Google
Authored by: complex_number on Thursday, May 24 2012 @ 11:15 AM EDT
I can only assume that this 'lawyer' is angling for the office next to David
Boise in the near future.
He has bought the Oracle Corporate line, hook and sinker.

Ubuntu & 'apt-get' are not the answer to Life, The Universe & Everything which
is of course, "42" or is it 1.618?

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Three things I know about Oracle v. Google
Authored by: Anonymous on Thursday, May 24 2012 @ 12:00 PM EDT
[F]undamentally it seems reasonable for the owner of Java to expect to profit when others profit from Java.
Realistically, the foregoing statement is bunk. If I make tractors, I don't expect a cut from the sale of every farmer's crop. If every user of Java had to pay a tithe to Oracle, nobody would touch it with a stick. And if they persist at this insanity, Java will die a deserved death.
After all, if all the Android technology was so easily derived from open source code, why did Google need to hire a load of Sun engineers who worked on Java?
More likely the Sun engineers looked at Oracle and said: "I don't want to work for the likes of them." and simply went to a company who shared their own values, visions, and goals.

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Three things I [don't] know about Oracle v. Google
Authored by: artp on Thursday, May 24 2012 @ 01:25 PM EDT
It's embarrassing when someone airs their ignorance like
this. Not to mention their built-in biases.

Referring to the article's numbering system:

1. The conclusion came before the data.

2. SCO v. IBM

3. Inventors rarely profit from their inventions.

He picks one piece of testimony - out of context - and
decides that there MUST be something that Google is guilty
of. But we've seen that before, haven't we? With Microsoft
lurking int he background. So, now he can accuse me of being
a conspiracy theorist. Well, it isn't paranoia if they are
really out to get you.

I won't comment on 2 further than to be surprised that he
didn't advocate ditching the entire legal system in favor of
Boies' genius.

Finally, when I started out as an engineer, the reward for a
patent was $50 and a plaque. People kept the plaque as a
joke. Spare me the melodrama about how inventions wouldn't
happen without patents. Engineers invent because that is who
we are. Just try and stop us! Patents just ensure that the
little guy can't compete against the patent trolls.

This guy should stick to corporate law instead of journalism
or attempted technical endeavors.

Userfriendly on WGA server outage:
When you're chained to an oar you don't think you should go down when the galley
sinks ?

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  • Patent's purpose - Authored by: Anonymous on Friday, May 25 2012 @ 03:23 AM EDT
The three things
Authored by: Anonymous on Thursday, May 24 2012 @ 09:46 PM EDT
1. Oracle was wronged. Well Google did use some disassembled code and the 9
lines. I doubt that Google would have much issue with righting this wrong.

2. Boise is great. Well PJ might agree.

3. Inventions are good. Yup.

Just about all of the rest is hog wash. I just wonder how much of this the
writer actually beleives himself and how much he is doing this in the hope of
making a buck.

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