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Kickstarter Arduino fun and games | 113 comments | Create New Account
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Patents an "innovation currency"
Authored by: globularity on Monday, November 26 2012 @ 06:25 PM EST
Kappos mischaracterises patents from the word go. To call a right to sue with
the intent to restrict an innovation currency is a stretch. The amount of times
issued patents have been proven to be anything but innovative pretty much dooms
even the claim that innovation is incidental to the restriction of the use of

Windows vista, a marriage between operating system and trojan horse.

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ABA Blawg 100
Authored by: Anonymous on Monday, November 26 2012 @ 10:37 PM EST
PJ, you say there is no chance Groklaw can win. How then is
it that you are leading in the Legal Technology section? (As
I write, you have 8 votes, second place has 6.) When voting
is over on December 21, can you remind us and tell us the

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  • ABA Blawg 100 - Authored by: PJ on Monday, November 26 2012 @ 11:11 PM EST
Kickstarter Arduino fun and games
Authored by: Anonymous on Tuesday, November 27 2012 @ 04:24 AM EST
ot;>Kickstarter, Trademarks and Lies</a>
This part game me the chills:</p>
<blockquote>My point was that Kickstarter have to provide some kind of
assistance when there are trademark violations or when somebody makes false
Like many important websites have a clear and direct way to raise issues of
trademark violations, Kickstarter should also make it easy to raise issues with
No. Just no. If they can figure out a way to crowdsource funding, they can
figure out a way to crowdsource feedback on not so legitimate projects. No back
doors for companies ala youtube.

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Ericsson sues Samsung for patent infringement
Authored by: macrorodent on Tuesday, November 27 2012 @ 07:05 AM EST

PJ, in her comment after the quote, wonders about everyone ganging on Android. The thing here is that Sony-Ericksson mobiles also are Android phones. So I don't think this case really has anything to do with Android itself, just normal patent skirmishes between established telecom manufacturers that have happened even before Apple stirred the waters (similar to Nokia vs Qualcomm some years ago and so on).

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The reason Windows 8 is about to die - crapware?
Authored by: IMANAL_TOO on Tuesday, November 27 2012 @ 12:55 PM EST
The reason Windows is about to die - crapware. That is perhaps one reason at least if you believe Sebastian Anthony who wrote an interesting article about the premature demise of Windows 8 at ExtremeTech:
Microsoft’s efforts to purge the Windows ecosystem of bundled crapware were too little too late when it came to Windows 8. At the start of November, Byte took a look at a bunch of OEM Windows 8 PCs, and in some particularly grievous cases (the Acer Aspire 7600U) the systems are loaded down with more than 50 pieces of OEM and third-party software. 50!
In a way I'm prepared to give him some right, if not for anything else, at least for a superb image of the toolbar hell of Internet Explorer which introduces the article!

A sublime yet brutal summary of the Microsoft world.



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Ganging up on Android - commodity markets
Authored by: sciamiko on Tuesday, November 27 2012 @ 03:44 PM EST
PJ makes the comment after the newspick on the Ericsson/Samsung tussle that the bullies keep ganging up on Android. I may be wrong, but I've long assumed that the reason MS and Apple do not like Linux and now Android is that they see it as turning devices into commodities, in that any hardware manufacturer can just adapt Linux easily for their own purposes. Device makers are used to fighting for the lowest price and competing in a challenging market - after all they have to sell their kit to Apple and co. who would not be indulgent in their negotiating positions. There is no money in commodities.

Why would Apple like yet more competitors suddenly to appear? So their ploy is to try to keep their suppliers in line by intimidation. Samsung have just shown that this cage can be broken now that Google have done the hardest part in converting Linux to a mobile system suitable for a variety of hardware. The more successful hardware guys will turn software engineers in time and expand their own lines.

Apple and MS see it as a strategic war.


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