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PX07601 | 118 comments | Create New Account
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COMES Thread Here...
Authored by: Anonymous on Friday, February 22 2013 @ 02:13 PM EST
what's this comment? It always stays empty. Why don't you at least once post
something that falls in this category so others know what it is for? Otherwise
please stop polluting comments. Sometimes things need to be let go. Have a life.

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Authored by: OpenSourceFTW on Friday, February 22 2013 @ 02:47 PM EST
[Ed: PX07581.pdf]
May 13 08:46 1991 Mail Page 1 <br/>
OS/2 Competition Watch<br/>
[Ed: The two lines above are handwritten]
From steveb Mon May 13 08:43:15 1991 <br/>
To: mikemur paulma stevewe<br/>
Subject: OS/2<br/>
Cc: billg jeremybu joachimk mikehal mikemap pattys petern steveb<br/>
Date: Mon May 13 08:43:06 1991<br/>
I have been thinking and talking to many of you about os/2 1.x and 2.x I
propose here a straw man on a sat [sic] of actions &nbsp; these are not
vlcear [sic] cut there is tension between our desire to be the only vendor to
our Oem's and to hoping [sic] OS/2 2 does not succeed &nbsp; more
importantly there is tension between our desire to ride os/2 2's success if it
is successful and our primary desire to see it fail If we could predict the
future accurately these decisions woul;d [sic] be simple but here goes a
1.In Japan, work with IBM on OS/2 2 as we discussed at the KK R&D retreat
Outside Japan: <br/>
1. Do not do OS/2 2 pkgd product<br/>
2. For oem's be a pass thru distributor for os/2 2 do not do tech work
Do not help IBM anticipate problems Just report OEm problems<br/>
3. Do not do OS/2 2 apps. that means do not help IBM compatibiltiy
test our current apps and for new apps if customers want apps
remind them of IBM's promise to run windows apps better than windows
Count on IBM to fail<br/>
4. Do not do OLE for windows<br/>
5. Stop enagelizing OS/2 for the server now! Enagelize [sic] win 32 (ISV's).
[Ed: (ISV's). is handwritten]<br/>
6. Plan on not doing LM for OS/2 2 but do not announce that Leave it open
in case we need it<br/>
7. Finish our current OS/2 server apps for 1.3 then move to win 32
(new sql release, connectvity [sic] pieces etc, we will have separate
meeting to discuss spitfire)<br/>
8. Do no OS/2 localization! Just apss [sic] thru the IBM pubs for os/2 2
9. Meet our customer commitments to os/2 2 developer support
stop selling new sdk's do not plan to offer #900 support for [Ed: handwritten
os/2 inserted] 2.0<br/>
10. Do not take new IBM 1.3 CSD's Plan our own course driven off LM
for this product <br/>
ll. Do not tell the world we will not support os/2 2 with apps etc leave i [sic]
open as above in case IBM gets its act together this is similar to what we do
today for Unix <br/>
12. Evaluate implications for WLO team <br/>
13. Allow Citirx to do PP os/2 [Ed: illegible handwritten character] for their
use with rights to their work back to us an insurance policy<br/>
Buy 10% Citrix [Ed: illegible?] &nbsp; Emphasize 1.3 &nbsp; OS/2 1.3 in
LM box. [Ed: line is handwritten]<br/>
14. Do not help IBM with LS. Compete with this product and win.
I do not think we will converge. IBM owes us one last convergence
proposal But lest take this course now. Evaluate what to say wehn [sic]
IBM release their 2.0 product I think we will want to position it
as still behind &nbsp; They do not want to converge today they want to
claim equivalent function
Continue 1.3 Tiger LM box + disti's [Ed: Handwritten insertion, somehat
pls do not discuss this broadly &nbsp; It has people ramifications should we
deci<br/> [Ed: appears to be page 1 of a longer document]
X 175327<br/>

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  • PX07581 - Authored by: PJ on Monday, February 25 2013 @ 04:25 PM EST
  • PX07581 - Authored by: PJ on Monday, February 25 2013 @ 04:30 PM EST
Authored by: OpenSourceFTW on Friday, February 22 2013 @ 02:54 PM EST
[Ed: PX07601.pdf]
From cameronm Sun Jul 28 17:36:13 1991<br/>
To: neffb<br/>
Subject: Demo OS/2 "bad app" at 3.1 PDC<br/>
Cc: billmi bradsi ericfo jonl steveb<br/>
Brad has suggested(and I wholeheartedly agree) that we should work a demo of the
OS/2 "bad app" during Steve's talk at the PDC. We may want to add a
little time to his talk. It's important to go over the OS/2 2.0 vs. Windows info
and I think Steveb is the guy to do it. i [sic] would rather add a few minutes
to his talk then add a separate session.
Ericfo can help arrange the demo. You should also bring this up with Steve in
case he wants to add a slide or two about this as well
MS 0155193 CONFIDENTIAL [Ed: stamp at bottom]

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  • PX07601 - Authored by: PJ on Monday, February 25 2013 @ 07:38 PM EST
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