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Google Engineer Finds MS Windows Security Flaw | 244 comments | Create New Account
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Goodbye, Lotus 1-2-3
Authored by: JamesK on Tuesday, May 21 2013 @ 07:55 AM EDT
I still have a copy of Lotus Smart Suite for OS/2 here. Anyone need it? ;-)

I bought it back in the late 90s when I was working at IBM. The employee price
was about $35 or so, IIRC.

The following program contains immature subject matter.
Viewer discretion is advised.

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Why Apple keeps updating apps
Authored by: Anonymous on Tuesday, May 21 2013 @ 01:36 PM EDT
Live: Apple addresses Senate on taxes
12:14 p.m.: McCain jokes about why he has to constantly update his apps.

[What Cook should have said] Senator, America is now 236 years old. Why are you still passing laws? Shouldn't you have gotten it right by now?


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Live: Apple addresses Senate on taxes
Authored by: Anonymous on Tuesday, May 21 2013 @ 02:44 PM EDT
[PJ: How frustrating is this exchange? -

12:14 p.m.: McCain jokes about why he has to constantly update his apps. "Sir, we try to make them better all the time," says Cook.
The senator is not as un-knowledgeable as he is being made out to be. They do this sort of thing all of the time when getting testimony from people. They make small talk and/or joke with the person testifying to make them feel more at ease and to try to get them to let their guard down to try to catch them off guard with the serious questions.

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'It's Important To Tell Our Story'
Authored by: Anonymous on Tuesday, May 21 2013 @ 08:15 PM EDT
Forbes Newspick

"We pay all the taxes we owe every single dollar," Cook said. "We don't depend on tax gimmicks."
NZ Herald, and the photo shown with this article looks slightly less than "Tim Cool". The Herald's print edition carries instead a story syndicated from Bloomberg for which Google can find only this video version. The Herald runs a sidebar on the story, observing that Apple NZ reported sales to September 2012 of $571 million, resulting in a tax-paid profit of $5.5 million. Now, where did those juicy margins go?

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Is the patent system broken?
Authored by: Gringo_ on Wednesday, May 22 2013 @ 12:32 AM EDT

The availability of patents and the property rights they secure are driving technological innovations once imagined only as science fiction - tablet computers, smart phones...

I would like to know what evidence they have for that. Furthermore, how can they prove that in the absence of patents technology would not thrive? I think patent advocates repeat that mantra so often that for them it becomes fact, without any evidence.

Back in the day, it was always the race to be first to market that drove technology. I'm sure it still is an enormous factor today. When you go out to buy a new electronic device, you are more likely to buy it from an established company with a proven track record in that niche, perhaps the same the pioneered the market in the first place. Johnny-Come-Latelies often don't do very well (Microsoft's Windows Phone, for example).

I don't believe patents drive technology. I think common sense can inform us that the overhead involved in supporting this humongous infrastructure called the "Patent system" composed of the USPTO, courts, judges, thousands of lawyers, navigating the patent thicket, and billions of dollars and endless disruption caused by discovery cannot possibly lead to increased innovation. I think this meme, that patents drive technology, has to be challenged at every turn.

Say it with me, out loud and clear: "I demand you prove to me that it is worth the cost of the infrastructure required to enforce it!"

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USPTO: No Change to Software Patentability Evaluation
Authored by: Anonymous on Wednesday, May 22 2013 @ 08:19 AM EDT
USPTO: No Change to Software Patentability Evaluation (IPwatchdog)

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Newspicks Here
Authored by: MadTom1999 on Thursday, May 23 2013 @ 12:50 PM EDT
Jury Nullification: link While this may not be 'allowed' in current (US) law I've always been under the impression this is one of the functions of a jury - its a statistically significant representation of the population that can say 'well the law may have been broken but any reasonable person would have done the same'.

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Google Engineer Finds MS Windows Security Flaw
Authored by: Anonymous on Thursday, May 23 2013 @ 03:15 PM EDT

A Google engineer has called Microsoft out on a recent security flaw in the Windows operating system, and even said that the Windows creator is hostile toward third-party vulnerability researchers.

Scroogled? Who? :-)

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Samsung Galaxy S4 Shipments Cross 10 Million
Authored by: Anonymous on Thursday, May 23 2013 @ 04:24 PM EDT
Was that a Newspick or an advertisement? Embedded in the body of the text with blatant highlight an invitation to Let's Talk. Why would I take a $70/mth contract with Sprint, when I have a $20/yr contract with Vodafone that lets me use any of these phones. This is Samsung's competition in India and Africa. Apple is a sideshow.

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