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Administration, Congress Intensify Opposition To Global Generic Drug Industry | 310 comments | Create New Account
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Administration, Congress Intensify Opposition To Global Generic Drug Industry
Authored by: Anonymous on Saturday, June 29 2013 @ 05:57 AM EDT
well said Sir.

A friend of mine found out that it was worth flying to <redacted> four
times a year and buying his partners medication over the counter. Even including
the cost of flights from his home in Arizona and hotels he was saving more than
50% over the costs that his local hospital was wanting to charge him for the
very same set of drugs.

I got shingles last year while in Jordan. The medication cost me $40.00. My
doctor quoted $300+++ for the same thing. This was not even a generic version.

Ok, I accept that there is huge amounts of money needed to develop, test and
introduce a new drug. I'm even ok with the 'inventor' getting patent protection
but I'm not ok with them doing a Disney on the drug.
By this I mean that Disney keeps getting the copyright on a certain rodent (name
not used in case it is a violation of copyright) thus stopping it from entering
the public domain.

Frankly, more power to India here. The majority of the population could never
ever afford US prices for drugs. Their income could never purchase one tablet
let alone a full treatment. Have these Drug Barons ever been to Rural India and
seen how these people live? Pah, Bah-humbug etc

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Administration, Congress Intensify Opposition To Global Generic Drug Industry
Authored by: Anonymous on Sunday, June 30 2013 @ 07:46 AM EDT
Oh, the relief to be in a country with a national health service...

Maximum drug costs for a year - 104 for all of your drugs. Old, young or poor -
pay nothing.

If you are having surgery in a private hospital here in the UK and it goes wrong
they put you in an ambulance and send you to a state hospital where the
treatment is better. You can pay for better rooms, but not for better

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Administration, Congress Intensify Opposition To Global Generic Drug Industry
Authored by: eggplant37 on Sunday, June 30 2013 @ 02:33 PM EDT
Neudexta, you say? Yes, my wife has MS and had been taking
Neudexta on a patient assistance program for her
pseudobulbar symptoms. We were also told that the copay on
that stuff would be $400 or $500. What I'm most bothered by
is this: It's a bloody combination of quinine and
dextromethorphan!! There's nothing new or special about
these drug, no magical or overly expensive ingredients, just
stuff that we've been sold over the counter for years at
pennies on the dollar that they charge for this particular
formulation. We told the drug companies to get lost with
that and she's been drinking tonic water and cough syrup in
quantities that would deliver the same dosages of each of
these medications. What, do they think we're stupid? She's a
nurse and I type medical transcription for a living. Gimme a
bleedin' break over here, please.

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  • OT - Authored by: red floyd on Monday, July 01 2013 @ 12:47 PM EDT
Administration, Congress Intensify Opposition To Global Generic Drug Industry
Authored by: Anonymous on Sunday, June 30 2013 @ 03:37 PM EDT
I buy mostly generic down here (Mexico) and the price difference is huge. A
simple cream is 125 pesos brand, 25 pesos generic though I checked the generic
price some time ago so it is probably higher. What is so special? Nada, it is
just a combination of very basic ingredients that have been around for decades.
Don't get me started on allergy pills, the generic was under 17 pesos while I
nearly passed out at the brand.


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